PP-000 "The Creator"

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PP-000 "The Creator"

Post by Dr. Kristiansen on Thu May 12, 2016 4:20 pm

Name: ND
Nicknamed: The Creator
Age: Appears to be a teen, studies find that body and mind are over a 1000 years old.
Type: Unusal
Appearance: Appears to be a teen with dark blond hair, Skinny. Heigh is measeared at about 1,75 m, Build is thin and skinny
Description: ND is capable of producing organic matter. And "laying" them around The Facility. Suspect of creating The Plage. Organic matter seems to be egg-like in structure and after a hundred days, the "eggs" will crack open revaling an unsual type of goo. Which is widely belived to have caused The Plage.
Symptoms: Aggressive (2/10), Energy (8/10) , Spasam Attacks (6/10), Reaction (4/10)
-Very stupid
-Belived to be the creator of The Plage hence the nickname

Log D-120516
Log D-130516
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