PP-015 "Crazy Girl"

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PP-015 "Crazy Girl"

Post by Dr.Rose on Sun May 15, 2016 11:22 am

Name: Unknown
Nicknamed: Crazy Girl
Age: Teen
Type: Unceratin
Appearance: PP-015 has blond and long heir, height estimated to be 1,65m. Weight estimated to be 50-65kg.
Description: PP-015 is mean and one of the dumbest PP's to have been on this website. PP-015 always think that she is right. PP-015 can be easily offended. Contact is difficult, reasons shall not be told.
Symptoms: Agression (3/10), Energy (3/10), Spasam Attacks (0/10), Reaction (8/10)
- Dumb
- Hates PP-011 with pasion
- Thinks she is smart
- First female PP

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