PP-008 "Bull"

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PP-008 "Bull"

Post by Dr. Kristiansen on Fri May 13, 2016 3:38 pm

Nicknamed: Bull
Age: Teen
Type: Major (5/5)
Appearance: Appears as a musculear teen capable of lifting several tons at once. Black hair, Green or blue eyes. Weight is estimated to be over 100kg. Further research will be done.
Description: PP-009 has strong bones and musclues making people afraid is one of his abilites. he is powered by a nuclear core at the inside of this brain. Which under further inspection seems to not be existant
Symptoms:Aggressive (10/10) Energy (6/10) Reaction (5/10) Spasam Attacks (1/10)
-Hangs alot around PP-009
-Sometimes seen attacking PP's like 002 and 000 and 005
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