PP-004 ''Eries''

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PP-004 ''Eries''

Post by Dr.Rose on Thu May 12, 2016 5:25 pm

Name: Eries
Nicknamed: Eries
Age: Teen
Type: Unceratin
Apperence: PP-004 is highly actractive and muscular. PP-004 has very dark brown hair. Height estimated to be around 1.75 or shorter. Weight estimated to be around 40-65 kg.
Description: PP-004 tends to be a bit brave and quite self assured, but he has that look on his face that he is hiding something. PP-004 sometimes tends to be lound and mean. PP-004 prefers to fight verbally more then physically.
Symptoms: Agressive (4/10), Energy (4/10), Spasam Attacks (3/10), Reaction (6/10)
-Self asured
-Bit brave

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